Oak – Elite Planks

Elegant shades

Oak - Elite Planks

Elegant shades

The perfect match of power and elegance.
It has always been the first… the very first noble wood, always used for wood floor. European oak is naturally elegant; it is selected in a variety of choices such as perfectly knot-free, refined with small knots, naturally rustic knotted… Finished in natural oil or transformed in Elite Planks wood floors in a wide range of colours.

Elite Planks

OAK in a host of elegant shades.

Wood flooring OAK planks in a wide range of workings and finishes.

Color-shaded, bleached, decapé, black and white, ivory, sand, ice, gray…

The EUROPEAN OAK is one of the woods that lend themselves best to color finishes. The grain of the wood is enhanced by means of various forms of craftsmanship: brushing, saw cutting, hand planing, weathered effect, lime effect and subsequently with professional finishing still carried out by hand, giving a three-dimensional aesthetic result. The finishes with more color overlays bring out the wood’s characteristic appearance, unlike the industrial “wood flooring” which tends to obscure it!

Unique wood flooring planks in full harmony with the Elite habitat.