Chevron 45/60 - Herringbone 90

Chevron 45° / 60° - Herringbone 90° parquet flooring

Parquet geometries are many and various, but the most familiar is surely herringbone.  And with designers taking the lead from Art Deco ideas of time past, the angled pieces now appear in different sizes, woods, cuts and finishes.

Here too, the range of herringbone options presented by Cadorin features renewed and in some cases unprecedented style notions. This means not only the cut, which can be 60°, 45°, 90° or indeed any angle requested, but also the length and width of the basic piece, which becomes the focal point of a contemporary design. In addition to the traditional narrow strips of 6-9 cm width, there is now a great demand for wider pieces: 20, 25 and 30 cm.

The end result? Totally different!

In short, the options range from narrow slats, crafted and refined in a variety of finishes, to much bigger items, thanks to the adoption of wider and longer modules that give any room a truly majestic look.

The definition of exclusive! The simple freedom to combine finishes and textures of the many CADORIN collections with different shapes and sizes of strips. Or to create a decidedly original and eye-catching ‘patchwork’ made up of conventional strip flooring and herringbone patterns.

Ultimate creativity

Technical structure of the Herringbone