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Tomi de Legn - Toc de Toe Collection


Tomes are particularly large, heavy books. This year they are the theme for Cadorin’s new wooden creations. “TOMI de LEGN” (wooden books, small and large) represent “the weight of culture” in a splendid library, but - oversized - can also be used as comfortable armchairs. The result is unprecedented exclusivity.

The expression “the weight of culture” is definitely suited to these “TOMI de LEGN”... design features where not only the structure is made from solid wood, but also EACH AND EVERY book. “We started with the concept that, while it is true that one can create any object in wood,” explain the Cadorin designers, “one must always remember that good taste is essential.”



Unique, original wooden items, one-of-a-kind and impossible to copy. Shaped by nature and the passing years. Due to its traditional passion and respect for wood, over the years Cadorin has put aside some of the most attractive planks – those that seem to tell a story when you look at them and speak of past events – in order to use them to create unique items of “designer” furniture. Hence Cadorin’s “TOC DE TOE” collection (literally meaning “pieces of board” in the Venetian dialect). This is a collection that encompasses all the best secrets of wood, bringing them to life as unique items, such as tables, kitchen and bathroom tops, beds and sofas.

Inspired by Nature and its power to forge new shapes, the “Toc de Toe” collection creates a continuum between the floor and the furniture, letting one co-ordinate or contrast different surfaces to create surprising, incredible effects. The items can also be designed to fit in with other furnishings and interior décor thanks to the infinite varieties of finishes and crafting that Cadorin already uses for its parquet flooring. It is not always easy to find and craft the raw material needed for the “Toc de Toe” collection. However, as it deals with such large quantities of wood to produce its parquet planks, Cadorin manages to put aside the odd “original” plant or one that is exceptionally large or peculiarly shaped by Nature. Cadorin’s master carpenters then take these unique rustic monsters and turn them into equally unique pieces of furniture.