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Be it the living room or the kitchen, a wood floor is a must!

having real wood underfoot in the home is such a 'pleasure' (and for always)…

Laying wood floor in the kitchen or in the living room, or more generally in all day areas, is the maximum expression of a welcoming and 'pleasurable' sensation in any home. And in fact, people often can hardly wait to kick off their shoes and go barefoot on the floor, as everything is so much more relaxing.

The same is true when using wood floor in the kitchen: in the past, many people thought that this kind of floor was too fragile and would easily be ruined; but with time, of course, such preconceived notions have gradually disappeared. More and more people are turning to wood, looking to enjoy its warm and reassuring appearance even in the busiest parts of the home, which often include the kitchen, not only the living room. Similarly, there is an increasing preference for wood as a universal flooring solution in the home, so that even if the kitchen and living room are separated by a door, a satisfying visual and aesthetic continuity can still be created by selecting a single type of wood floor.

Cadorin offers an infinite variety of grains and nuances of colour, which should be seen and touched to be fully appreciated: there are parquet wood floors in light shades, which lend brightness to a room, and there are darker finishes too, like this American walnut or this 'Weathered chestnut'. Grey is hugely popular just now, whether in dark shades like contorta quercus old rural house or in lighter shades like grey sand oak or sugar paper. But visiting the photogallery there is no end of finishes to take anyone's fancy: light shades, darker shades, natural included, not to mention greys or Bark effects, and not forgetting textures, the luxury of precious metals, or the effects of limed or raw finishes.

Anyone looking for a floor with a strong visual impact may choose a parquet wood floor for their living area in a herringbone design, typically 45° or 60° (chevron), or 90° (also known as Italian herringbone).

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